Cremation Services

Cremation is simply another form of disposition and often, as with earth burial, takes place following the funeral or memorial service. The Pugh family offers a wide variety of choices in services and disposition options geared to meet the needs of our entire community.

Problems with crematories and their operations have recently surfaced in Georgia, New Hampshire, Florida, and California. North Carolina has a very strict Cremation Law and each crematory in the State is physically inspected at least annually. We believe it is important that families know who will be actually doing the cremation of their loved one. In North Carolina, Funeral Homes may advertise that they offer "Cremation Services" even though they do NOT have a crematory. Therefore they must contract with another firm which does have the cremation facility.

We wish to assure each and every cremation family we serve of the professional and ethical care of their loved ones remains. Our crematory, Central Carolina Crematory is located adjacent to our funeral home in Asheboro and every aspect of the process is overseen by our family and staff, who are both licensed funeral directors and certified cremation technicians. Our Crematory, operating since 1993 under a license issued by the State of North Carolina, is closely monitored and annually inspected. We are proud to be active members of both the Cremation Association of North Carolina and the Cremation Association of North America, and to adhere to the Cremation Association of North America's Code of Cremation Practice that reads as follows:

In the practice of cremation, we believe:

  • In dignity and respect in the care of Human Remains, in compassion for the living who survive them, and in the memorialization of the dead;
  • That a Cremation Authority should be responsible for creating and maintaining an atmosphere of respect at all times;
  • That the greatest care should be taken in the appointment of crematory staff members, any of whom must not, by conduct or demeanor, bring the crematory or cremation into disrepute;
  • That cremation should be considered as preparation for memorialization;
  • That the dead of our human society should be memorialized through a commemorative means suitable to the survivors.

Our facilities are available for inspection and informational tours may be arranged. It is important to us that you are completely comfortable with the cremation arrangements made, and you have no doubts about the quality of care being given.

Certified Cremationists
Gloria Hamilton, Mickey Shaw, Patrick Stover, Jeff Nobles, Bill Moon, Tom Pugh
(not pictured Dean Shelton and Jonathan Allen)

Important Notice
from the
Transportation Security Administration
April 23, 2004

Families wishing to transport an urn or other cremation container on airplanes as carry-on-baggage may be affected by new security screening procedures.

These containers may still be transported as carry-on baggage, but the container must pass through the X-ray machine. If a container is made of a material that generates an opaque image and prevents the security screener from clearly seeing what is inside, the container will not be allowed through the security checkpoint. Out of respect for the deceased, the security screeners will under no circumstances open the container at any time, even if a passenger requests that this be done.

If the X-rayed image is opaque, the remains may be transported in the belly of the plane as checked baggage. The container will undergo testing for explosive devices and, if cleared, will be permitted aboard the plane in the cargo area.

Families planning to travel with an urn should purchase plastic, wood, or non-lead lined ceramic urns or use the plastic temporary container provided by the Crematory. A more durable urn may be purchased at the destination, or arrange to have one shipped directly to the destination.

Families traveling with urns should plan to arrive early at the airport to allow adequate time for security screening.

If you have questions about the transportation of cremated remains or any other cremation related questions please contact us.