Pugh-Troy Funeral Home

Funeral services in Troy were conducted by Auley O. Wooley of the Dixie Furniture Company until August 1925 when the business was sold to Troy Furniture Company. The funeral business was conducted from the furniture store, and E.T. Reynolds became manager in October, 1926. Three years later he took a leave of absence to attend Worsham College of Embalming in Chicago. After graduation he return home and was Montgomery County’s first licensed embalmer.

In 1940 the funeral business was separated from the furniture and moved to its present location on North Main Street. Mont L. Reynolds joined the staff in 1945 and remained until his death 1967. In 1950 Mr. and Mrs. John Riley Beaman moved into the apartment upstairs at the funeral home and served as host and hostess for eighteen years.

Pugh Funeral Home, Inc. purchased the funeral home from the Reynold’s family in January 1968. William H. Johnson, was the first manager and remained until his retirement in the early 1980’s. William H. “Bill” Kearns became manager until his retirement in 2008, Sherrill Bumgarner served until 2016, and Dean Shelton served until his retirement. Currently Patrick Stover is the manager.

Starting in 2010 the building underwent eighteen months of major renovations which turned it into the modern facility we see today.

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